Tata Technologies IPO GMP Today

Tata Technologies IPO GMP Today – Tata Technologies is a global engineering and design company that provides services to the automotive, aerospace and industrial heavy machinery industries. Headquartered in Pune, the company was founded in 1994 and operates across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

Tata Technologies IPO

Tata Technologies is part of the $100 billion Tata group and serves clients such as Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, Boeing and more. The company is now planning to launch an initial public offering (IPO) to raise growth capital for expansion plans.

As the IPO date nears, there is a lot of interest around the Tata Technologies IPO grey market premium (GMP) today. In this comprehensive guide, we will demystify GMP and discuss the Tata Technologies IPO details, financials, pros and cons to help you make an informed investment decision.

All You Need to Know About Tata Technologies IPO GMP Today

Here are all the key details about the Tata Technologies IPO grey market premium today:

  • IPO Date: The public issue is expected to open within November 2022, however exact dates are yet to be announced.
  • IPO Price Band: The price band indicating the minimum and maximum IPO price range is not known yet.
  • Issue Size: As per the DRHP, Tata Technologies plans to raise around ₹6,000 crores via the IPO.
  • Lot Size: This refers to the minimum bid quantity for retail investors. Details to be updated later.
  • GMP Today: The grey market premium for Tata Technologies IPO today is estimated at ₹125-140 per share.
  • Company Financials: For FY22, Tata Technologies posted revenue of ₹7,185 crores and profit after tax of ₹714 crores.

Objectives & Details of the Tata Technologies IPO

Here are some of the key objectives and details of the upcoming IPO:

  • The public issue will comprise of a fresh issue of ₹3,600 crores and an Offer for Sale of up to ₹2,400 crores.
  • Proceeds from the fresh issue will be utilized for debt repayment, inorganic growth initiatives and general corporate purposes.
  • Tata Technologies provides services including engineering and design, product lifecycle management, cloud based analytics.
  • The company has design centers in Detroit, Stuttgart, Shanghai, Bangalore, Rugby and more globally.
  • Kotak Mahindra Capital, Citigroup Global Markets, Nomura Financial are the book running lead managers for the IPO.

SWOT Analysis of Tata Technologies

Let us evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Tata Technologies:


  • Part of reputed Tata group with global scale and reach
  • Domain expertise and track record in key verticals like auto and aerospace
  • Long-standing relationships with marquee global clients
  • Focus on R&D and future mobility technologies like ADAS, EV, connected cars etc.
  • Strong financial performance with industry leading margins


  • Presence of larger competitors like TCS, Accenture, Capgemini etc.
  • High client concentration risk with top 5 clients contributing 52% of revenue
  • Macroeconomic factors may affect key client industries, especially automotive
  • Attrition rate on the higher side compared to larger IT companies


  • Global automotive industry expected to recover post pandemic disruptions
  • Emerging technologies like EV, hydrogen, ADAS, IoT etc. to drive growth
  • Leverage industry 4.0 wave and impetus on smart manufacturing
  • Cross-selling services to existing customers & expanding clientele


  • Intense competition in the ER&D services industry
  • Pricing pressures may impact profit margins
  • Slowdown in key geographies like US, Europe may affect growth
  • Foreign currency fluctuation risks due to global operations

Should You Invest in the Tata Technologies IPO?

Based on the positives detailed above, Tata Technologies IPO does seem attractive for long-term investors:

  • Leadership in high growth ER&D vertical with proven credentials
  • Strong client profile and established relationships
  • Potential to benefit from automotive and manufacturing recovery post-COVID
  • Healthy financial metrics and dividend payment track record
  • Part of leading Tata group and professional management

However, here are some of the key risks to consider:

  • Macroeconomic uncertainties may impact key verticals
  • Client concentration risk is on the higher side
  • Faces competition from larger technology services firms
  • Ability to attract and retain talent in competitive market
  • Future profit margins may come under pressure

Considering all the factors, the IPO may be suited for investors with higher risk tolerance looking for exposure to the auto-tech sector. The GMP of Rs 125-140 indicates strong listing potential. However, fundamentals remain vital along with IPO valuations.

Answers to All Your Tata Technologies IPO GMP Queries:

Here are some common queries related to the Tata Technologies IPO grey market premium:

What is Grey Market Premium or GMP in IPOs?

GMP refers to the speculative, unofficial premium at which IPO shares trade in the grey market before official listing. It indicates expected listing gains.

What is the latest GMP for Tata Technologies IPO?

The grey market premium for Tata Technologies IPO today is estimated at ₹125-140 per share.

What does the high GMP indicate about an IPO?

A high GMP suggests strong investor demand. It increases the probability of a high listing premium for the IPO.

How reliable is the IPO Grey Market Premium?

While GMP provides directional guidance, it may not always be accurate. Company fundamentals are more important.

What happens to GMP after IPO listing?

Once the IPO gets listed, the grey market premium ceases to exist. The stock price post listing depends on overall market dynamics.

Where can I check the live GMP of an upcoming IPO?

Websites like greymargin.com, chittorgarh.com etc provides updates on the grey market premium of upcoming IPOs.

When will the Tata Technologies IPO open for subscription?

The IPO is expected to open within November 2022. However exact dates are yet to be officially announced.


Tata Technologies upcoming IPO provides an opportunity to invest in a leading engineering services company aligned to high growth futuristic technologies. The current grey market premium of ₹125-140 indicates strong listing potential.

However, financial analysis is equally important to determine if valuations are reasonable. Risks related to competition, macro conditions, currency fluctuations, attrition also need evaluation. For investors willing to bet on the long-term prospects, Tata Technologies IPO may prove to be a good addition to the portfolio.

As the IPO date approaches, we recommend tracking the GMP trends, financial performance, risk factors and valuations closely. The Tata brand, leadership position in ER&D services, recovery potential post-COVID make this IPO worth considering for informed investors focused on the long term.

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